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09 December 2019

DAC Conference

Dec 09, 2019

Dubai World Trade Centre

During the past few years, the UAE and the wider Middle East Region has seen a surge in the demand for association engagement. Associations across disciplines from technology and healthcare to education and finance are increasingly pursuing opportunities in the region to further develop their activities, share best practices and develop membership.

One of the core concerns named by associations and speakers at the Dubai Association Conference 2017 (and in association conferences worldwide) is to gain new insights and knowledge on the impact and the true value that is generated by associations through their main activities.

Dubai Association Centre (DAC) recognizes the importance of raising awareness of the great work done by associations today. The theme of “The societal impact of associations” will be woven as a silver-thread to the Dubai Association Conference 2019. A number of business cases will be presented over the different sessions which can be approached from various angles but will lead to the understanding of how the association sector can develop a cohesive and systematic approach to creating large-scale impact.

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Chairman, The Marketing Society Middle East

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Senthil Gopinath


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