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04 April 2019

DAC Going Global Montreal

Apr 04, 2019

Reunion D Sens, Montreal

DAC Going Global Series is part of an initiative taken by the Dubai Association Centre to reach out to associations worldwide. The event has previously taken place in Reunion D Sens, Montreal, and this year, we are coming back toMontreal!

Our society is faced with unprecedented issues of global scale, and we believe that harnessing the strengths and abilities of other stakeholders is one of the most strategic ways for organizations to address these complex challenges. Associations have traditionally been struggling at partnership building and many are reporting serious challenges when attempting to collaborate with other organizations in different sectors.

In this workshop, we will explore how their unique positioning allows associations to play a catalyst role in creating strategic partnerships with other sectors, namely:

  • The business sector
  • Governments
  • The innovation ecosystem

Our facilitator will accompany you through an exciting experiential learning session where you will apply innovation frameworks towards collective problem-solving.



Online bookings are not available for this event.

Why Join DAC?

They facilitated us to grow in an exponential way. Our hub in Dubai is the biggest worldwide because of the support we are having with DAC.

Khalid Ismail

Chairman, The Marketing Society Middle East

DAC allows associations to run their business in
a more stress-free 

Senthil Gopinath


They go beyond their call of duty to let associations know what's happening. We always leave enriched when we leave the DAC meetings.

Sanjay Duggal

Vice-President Business Development, Middle East and Africa Franchise Association