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Association Diaries: Lessons From The Pandemic (Part 2)

Last month we had an opportunity to connect with leaders and members of associations, who shared with us some of the key lessons they had gained collectively as an association from the pandemic. Below we’ve compiled some of the critical lessons learnt that we’ve heard being reiterated repeatedly.

Adapt or perish: Every association we’ve spoken to has constantly stressed on the need to adapt in a time of uncertainty. Whether it is rethinking association strategies that had formerly been set in stone to exploring new avenues for building membership, the pandemic has led associations to contemplate a complete overhaul of traditional practices and adapt quickly to the need of the hour.

Switch to online tools to provide value: With face-to-face meetings and interactions coming down to a bare minimum, associations needed to find a new way to stay connected, and those that switched to online fairly soon, have seen remarkable results. Online webinars became crucial learning tools that continue to help educate associations. Virtual conferences continue to bind the association community together and instill a sense of community and collaboration.

Keep communication channels open: Associations stressed on the need to keep communication channels open and transparent. Irrespective of whether you have something positive or negative to convey, it is essential to keep your members in the loop at all times. Building trust with your members and letting them know their needs and concerns are being addressed is also crucial.

Be empathetic: This is probably the biggest takeaway from the pandemic for association boards and leaders. Everything an association represents comes to naught without empathy. Irrespective of what industry an association represents, the core function of an association is to be there for a community and build its members and society at large. The pandemic presented an excellent opportunity for associations to be empathetic and highlight why they were key building blocks within the fabric of society.

The worst of the pandemic may now be a fading memory in the rear-view mirror. But it is crucial that associations take a quick look back to ponder upon what the pandemic has taught them, how they should be doing things differently and what measures need to be taken to prepare for other future uncertainties.

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