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In quest of the silver lining

While there is irrefutable evidence to suggest that COVID-19 altered life as we know it to an unimaginable extent, we’re proud of the association community for offering an alternate perspective that focuses on how the pandemic played a key role in bringing community together. Here’s what they had to say.

In a time where it’s easy to focus on how the pandemic has adversely affected life, it was refreshing to chat with Dr Jamal Jomah, President, Arab Association of Surgical and Medical Aesthetics who shared an interesting perspective on how the pandemic had brought people closer.

“Things are different, but in that difference, there’s more opportunity for associations.” Gregg Talley, President and CEO, Talley Management Group, speaks on how #COVID-19 has created an opportunity for associations to grow and rethink strategies.

“The pivot to digital has permitted associations to reach out to communities that were previously neglected.” – Genevieve Leclerc, Founder, #MEET4IMPACT, opens up on how the shift to digital in light of the #COVID-19 situation, helped under-served communities access content and thought leadership in a manner like never before.

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